Our Values

Who We Are

We are knowledgeable advisors with a strong and extensive academic research background in laser science and technologies. For over 16 years we’ve worked with a diverse group of engineers and scientist, helping them solve problems. We listen, learn, and identify solutions for your specific requirements, application, and needs. Our relationship extends past the lifetime of the product as a long-term partner and preferred provider. Our portfolio consist innovative state-of-the-art German-made photonic products for life science, scientific and industrial application.


What We Do

We serve researchers in academic, government and fundamental research institutions, also companies requiring laser engineering and design. The end goal is to learn, teach, and solve complex problems and challenges. Our partners benefit from our ability to support the increasing activities in the field, knowledge, customer support, and event organization. We add value by putting the people we work with in the best position to succeed and save resources.

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